Is the brand unisex?


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not at this time, we ONLY ship within the United States. Our future goal is to expand all across the world!

What shipping do you offer?

FREE SHIPPING all over the US.

Where do I send my writings? 

Please send your writings to the following email: writings@timeawayclothing.com. Whether it's poetry or any form of writing, we want to hear your story! We will choose a submission each week and post it on our socials. Those selected will be contacted prior to posting (you are more than welcome to stay anonymous). The brand is built on community and giving others a voice!

With each purchase, we will give away a mini composite journal! We want to promote writing as an outlet for those facing tough times. Because you are not alone.

What social platforms can I follow the brand?

Right now, @timeawayclothing on both Instagram and Facebook. Tik Tok in the near future :)

Can I submit a refund/exchange?

Please refer to the ‘Return & Exchange Policy’ under the “Help” page for all information.